• Effort needed to look for a solution usually takes too much time​
  • Lack of online forum to discuss certain academic subject in-depth
  • High-quality study materials require high price and high commitment (i.e.: subscription, bundles)​
  • Lack of platform to share various formats of study materials

Executive Summary

IsoTakon is an open-class startup which connect people who wish to share their knowledge and those who are looking for a solution to their problem, all with easy and readily accessible methods.​

Big Concept

Ui Design

Traction Characteristics

  • Find a solution for user’s problem quickly​
  • User can join or request an online classroom that suits their needs​
  • User can share/sell their study materials easily​
  • Buy written study materials and only pay for what user needs​
  • IsoTakon is powered by Artificial Intelligence​

Target User

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